Bulk Twitter Tweets

Real social interaction is very important for Google to look at because it proves that your brand is currently a hot topic people talk about – which automatically results in higher rankings a lot of the time. Getting real mentions and citations for your business doesn’t have to be a cumbersome and time-consuming process – get the word out about you with our powerful Twitter Tweets Service.

  • 100% real looking and active Twitter accounts with bio, picture, tweets and followers

  • Naturally spread-out delivery of tweets
    Minimum per URL: 500 Tweets

  • Works great in combination with our Bulk Twitter Followers

  • No password or admin access to your account required

  • 30 day replacement guarantee

Why Do I Need Tweets?

Twitter followers can be great for prestige, authority, social credibility and enticing others to follow you as well. Tweets can be very powerful tools but they are used a bit differently.

The main use of tweets is to get a ton of social links to your site syndicated throughout Twitter in a very quick and effective way. These obviously aren’t powerful backlinks but they are great for very quick indexing and provide a strong social signal as Twitter and Google think you are an authority because suddenly so many people talk about/link to you. On top of that, tweets can be great for a surge in direct traffic.



  • 1.000 Tweets
  • $47 per
    1.000 Tweets!
  • Up to 2 URLs
  • *TAT : 5-10 days



  • 5.000 Tweets
  • $25.40 per
    1.000 Tweets!
  • Up to 10 URLs
  • TAT : 10-15 days



  • 10.000 Tweets
  • $19.70 per
    1.000 Tweets!
  • Up to 20 URLs
  • TAT : 15-20 days



  • 50.000 Tweets
  • $11.94 per
    1.000 Tweets!
  • Up to 100 URLs
  • TAT : 20-25 days

*TAT = turnaround time (estimation, heavily depends on order queue)

AllPlacedOut has become our go-to-resource for anything social media. We particularly like their Twitter services – very fair pricing for the quality we receive with every order and so far, results have been very positive. Our clients are always impressed and we already have a few new orders in the pipeline!

– Anthony Warden, Social Media Consultant


Date last updated: 09/16/2013