High Quality Google Plus Circle Followers

Recent studies (2013) by SEOMoz, Searchmetrics and Netmark all agree that the impact of social signals has increased significantly compared to 2012. The top influencing social networking site? Google Plus, without a doubt.
We offer both Google Plus circle followers and Google Plus Votes to strengthen your social presence and make you an authority in the eyes of your customers and the search engines.

  • Real Google Plus accounts, 100% safe and whitehat methods

  • Country targeting possible

  • Can lead to higher rankings in Google, strong social signal

  • Naturally spread-out delivery

  • Minimum per URL is 500 Followers

  • Works for Google Plus Profile URLs and Business Pages

  • 30 day replacement guarantee

Why You Need Google Plus Circle Followers

Let’s say you just created a Google Plus business page for “London Shoe Company”. In the next few months, you put in serious effort to share awesome stuff in your niche and more and more people start putting you into their circles. The big advantage: on your Google Plus business page, it now reads “934 people have London Shoe Company in their circles” – what it really means: “934 people think that London Shoe Company is a cool bunch of people and their stuff is worth sharing”!

However, it takes a lot of time, patience and great content to get people to add you to their circles. Of course, there is an easier way: Simply buy circle followers from us that are naturally spread out over 1 to 2 weeks, making Google think you are a true authority in your niche. And it simply makes your profile look great, too.

Tip: Works for both Google Plus profile URLs and business pages.



  • $0.08 per Follower!
  • Up to 2 URLs
  • *TAT : 7-10 days



  • $0.075 per Follower!
  • Up to 4 URLs
  • TAT : 10-14 days



  • $0.06 per Follower!
  • Up to 10 URLs
  • TAT : 14-21 days



  • $0.05 per Follower!
  • Up to 20 URLs
  • TAT : 21-28 days

*TAT = turnaround time (estimation, heavily depends on order queue)

Despite Google Plus being around for a while now, it took lots of trial and error to find someone who could provide Google Plus marketing services in bulk. We’ve been purchasing Google Plus votes and circle followers from AllPlacedOut for several months now and never had problems with account deletion or drops. The turnaround times are reasonable and although a bit on the higher end, we really appreciate the quality and reliability.

– Jason Kucharski, Local SEO Marketer


Date last updated: 09/17/2013