High Quality Facebook Likes

The biggest benefit of our Facebook likes: Social proof and credibility. If people see that thousands of people already like your brand, post or fanpage, they are much more likely to become a fan/follower themselves and turn into a customer!

  • Get likes from active and real people from all over the world

  • Strong and trusted social signal

  • 100% safe and whitehat methods

  • Minimum per URL is 500 likes

  • No password or admin access required

  • 30 day Replacement Guarantee

  • Fairness: no price differences for Fanpage or website likes as with other providers


There are dubious vendors out there selling Facebook likes for an incredibly cheap price and with a very low turnaround time – stay clear of these!

A few days after your order, 99% of these likes will have disappeared completely. Why? Because Facebook can easily detect fake, empty and automatically created accounts and deletes them within a matter of days. In other words, you threw money out of the window and have to start from scratch.

You won’t have to go through such a painful experience with us, since our Facebook likes come from real human users. Should you lose likes for whatever reason, you’re covered by our 30 day replacement guarantee.



  • $0.06 per like!
  • Up to 2 URLs
  • *TAT : 5-10 days



  • $0.03 per like!
  • Up to 10 URLs
  • TAT : 10-15 days



  • $0.023 per like!
  • Up to 20 URLs
  • TAT : 15-20 days



  • $0.012 per like!
  • Up to 100 URLs
  • TAT : 20-25 days

*TAT = turnaround time (estimation, heavily depends on order queue)

I’m so happy I found you! Most of my day is spent writing articles about various topics to generate traffic to my websites but it’s difficult to get visitors if nobody knows my articles actually exist. Since I continually purchased Facebook likes from you, the sharing of my articles has literally skyrocketed and traffic to my blog has doubled in the last month!

– Anna M. Sanderson, ‘work-at-home mum’


Date last updated: 09/17/2013