Permanent High PR Homepage Backlinks

Compared to our high PR blog posts, our permanent high PR homepage backlinks have a distinct advantage: instead of your links rolling off the homepage after a while (to an inner page that has no PR), they will stay on the homepage for as long as you pay.

These kind of links are the most powerful in SEO. They account for the biggest rank improvements and if you’re trying to rank in very competitive niches then you will ALWAYS waste your time if you don’t have any contextually relevant high PR links pointing to your site.

The only thing more powerful than general high PR homepage backlinks are niche focused high PR homepage backlinks.


  • PERMANENT backlinks (links will NOT roll off the homepage!)

  • Contextually relevant backlinks (no sidebar, blogroll or footer links)

  • Powerful network going strong and unaffected by algorithms since 2.5 years already

  • OBL count (outbound links) limited to 50 per site

  • Drip feeding of links for 2-3 weeks to avoid penalties

  • On top of high PR links, we’ll build tiered web 2.0 link pyramids every month (web 2.0 profiles that ONLY have PR 1-3 links pointing to them – very high keyword relevance and ranking power!)

  • Log in details for all web 2.0’s provided (so you can add banners etc. because these often rank on the first page for your target keywords, too!)

  • Report provided (only for web 2.0 properties created)


  • Compared to our high PR niche backlinks, these links will be general and not niche relevant

  • If you cancel, most of your links will be removed (except tiered web 2.0 and PR 3 links – as a courtesy, we won’t take them down!)

  • High PR links will only be built in the first month (you get new tiered web 2.0 links every month, though)

  • Limited amounts of unique content (depending on package size, we’ll create 1-3 base articles and spin them to 90%+ uniqueness to guarantee high indexing rate)

  • CAREFUL: Your backlink profile should have a high anchor text diversity (question 8 in FAQ) before using our high PR homepage backlinks

We understand this service might seem a bit complicated.
If you have any kind of questions whatsoever, please get in touch with us.



  • Up to 1 URL + 3 keywords
  • PR 3 homepage links: 3
  • PR 4 homepage links: 6
  • PR 5 homepage links: 12
  • Links from Web 2.0’s: 10/m
  • High PR links to Web 2.0’s: 80/m
  • *TAT : 30 days



  • Up to 2 URLs + 6 keywords
  • PR 3 homepage links: 12
  • PR 4 homepage links: 6
  • PR 5 homepage links: 24
  • Links from Web 2.0’s: 20/m
  • High PR links to Web 2.0’s: 160/m
  • *TAT : 30 days



  • Up to 3 URLs + 9 keywords
  • PR 3 homepage links: 18
  • PR 4 homepage links: 9
  • PR 5 homepage links: 36
  • Links from Web 2.0’s: 30/m
  • High PR links to Web 2.0’s: 240/m
  • *TAT : 30 days

*TAT = turnaround time (30 days because this is a monthly service, obviously. Link reports will be provided at the end of every 30 day period.)

It took us a long time to find a reliable provider for high PR backlink services. While there were many out there, only few of them had what we were looking for (there is a right and many wrong ways when it comes to these kind of links). After lots of testing and a good bunch of enthusiastic client feedback, we are confident that AllPlacedOut is the perfect fit for us. Very powerful links at an affordable price that work even in tough and highly competitive niches.

– Kenneth White, SEO Agency Manager


Date last updated: 09/12/2013