Powerful High PR Blog Posts

If you ever experimented with SEO for a while you’ll surely have realized how important it is to build contextually relevant high PR backlinks for your site and to this date, after all the recent algorithm updates, high PR links still account for the biggest jumps in rankings, especially in very competitive niches.

We offer multiple high PR link building services and all of them have their unique purpose. If you’re confused which one is right for you, please take a look at our FAQ here.


  • Contextually relevant backlinks (no sidebar, blogroll or footer links)

  • Huge IP and PR diversity, 1.200+ domains in the network

  • PR from 1-6 (18% PR 1+2, 35% PR 3, 30% PR 4, 15% PR 5, 2% PR 6)

  • 3 links per post, unlimited link and keyword combinations possible (recommended: 1-5 URLs, depending on package size)

  • One time fee instead of a monthly commitment

  • Custom Drip Feeding of links available (max 30 days)


  • No reports will be given (to guarantee network privacy) – you can check backlinks with services like MajesticSEO or Ahrefs.

  • Blog posts roll off the homepage after a while (but they’ll stay forever on inner pages)

  • No unique content (relevant articles will be scraped and spun but uniqueness will be at 90%+ to guarantee high indexing rate)

  • CAREFUL: Your backlink profile should have a high anchor text diversity (question 8 in FAQ) before using our high PR blog posts



  • 375 high PR posts
  • Only $0.34 per post!
  • Drip feed of 7 days recommended
  • *TAT : 5-30 days



  • 775 high PR posts
  • Only $0.26 per post!
  • Drip feed of 14 days recommended
  • TAT : 5-30 days



  • 1175 high PR posts
  • Only $0.24 per post!
  • Drip feed of 21 days recommended
  • TAT : 5-30 days



  • 1575 high PR posts
  • Only $0.22 per post!
  • Drip feed of 27 days recommended
  • TAT : 5-30 days

*TAT = turnaround time (estimation, obviously depends on how long you want the drip feeding of posts to take)

We tried different backlinking services on various forums and other sites but barely any of them have given us results like we saw with the high PR links from AllPlacedOut. We now mix their high PR blog posts with their high PR niche backlinks and have never seen such big rank increases in such a short period of time, highly impressed.

– Tony Stevens, Marketer, Entrepreneur


Date last updated: 09/14/2013