Infographic Design + Distribution

High Quality Infographics + Distribution
…At A Price Everyone Can Afford!

Infographics are a great way to build a brand, show people you are an authority in your niche and attract natural backlinks and traffic. Usually, the biggest caveat in infographic design is the big cost attached to it – some providers charge $500+ and some even several thousand dollars.

Not with us. We offer a high quality infographic design service without the huge cost and also provide a powerful distribution plan.

  • Great branding tool: Let everybody know who is the expert in your field

  • Great linkbait: Content presented in a visual, easily shareable and easy to digest format

  • Infographics are a lot easier and fun to read than 500 word articles

  • High quality content – Attract natural links from related sites in your niche

  • 65% of people are visual learners – Infographics take advantage of that by combining images and text

  • We are VERY affordable – usual rates for high quality infographics are $500+, some go up to $1000-2000.

  • Turnaround Time: On average 5 days for content, 5 days for design and 7-10 days for distribution. Add some additional time for revisions and general back and forth.

Infographic Design



  • High Quality Infographic Design
  • No Templates used!
  • Unique content and design
  • *TAT : 7-12 days

*TAT = turnaround time (estimation, add some additional time for revisions and general back and forth.)

The Process:

  1. Generally, there are 2 objectives for infographics: linkbait or explaining a specific/complex topic. Have an end goal in mind before you order.

  2. After receiving your order, we’ll contact you. While we’re happy to take suggestions for research and your niche/topic, we can also do all of that on our own. This is designed to be as much hands off for you as possible.

  3. If you already have all the content and want it turned into an infograph, we can accomodate you, too. Our process is very flexible.

  4. After we’ve written and sourced all the content and statistics for your infographic, we’ll submit it to you for approval. Feel free to have us change, add or remove anything you like until you’re happy.

  5. Now we design the infographic. At this point, there isn’t much to do on your end except to wait for a few days until we get back to you with the design.

  6. Once the design is finished, we hand it back to you. You may make any revisions to your infographic. Once you’re satisfied, the order is considered complete and you are free to post the infographic to your site or distribute it through other channels.

Infographic Design + Distribution



  • Infographic designed as above
  • Unique blogpost written
  • Press Release Syndication
  • Social sharing for traffic
  • 65+ infographic directories
  • 100+ image hosting sites
  • *TAT : 17-21 days

*TAT = turnaround time (estimation, add some additional time for revisions and general back and forth.)

The Process, continued:

  1. After finishing steps 1-5 above, we’ll now work on the distribution of your infographic. At first we’ll write a unique blog post related to your topic and ask you to post it on your site, along with the infographic. Once posted, we’ll start with the actual distribution.

  2. The first step is creating a press release and distributing it through 4 paid newswires. This is the same as our Press Release basic package.

  3. Next, we’ll share your infographic on aged social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. This generates direct traffic from people genuinely interested in your topic.

  4. Lastly, we will post your infographic to 65+ infographic directories and 100+ image hosting sites, all linking back to your blogpost with the infographic.

  5. Once finished we’ll provide you with a report for proof of work done. Total time for distribution takes about 7-10 days.

You will end up with a lot of real and interested traffic and several thousand high quality backlinks (most of them coming from press release sites and newswires) going directly to your site and infographic.

This type of infographic promotion often helps with going viral and attracting lots of natural backlinks from related sites and blogs for several weeks or even months.

I’m so excited to have found you! 99% of infographic design services charge outrageous fees that I simply couldn’t afford but yours were actually within a reasonable price range. It made me sceptical at first. I feared I’d have to ask for lots of revisions and still get an ugly infographic but I couldn’t have been more wrong…Your piece looked better than some of the 700+ dollar ones! I’m going to order some more soon…

– Lavina Aguilar, Blogger and Small Business Owner


Date last updated: 09/14/2013